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Macassar oil was an unguent for the hairbreadth commonly used by men in the seasonable 19th hundred. The bard Byron called it "thine incomparable smear, Macassar." The fashion for oiled hair became so widespread in the Victorian and the Edwardian period that housewives began to cover the arms and backs of their chairs with washable stuff to preserve the fabric coverings from being soiled. Around 1850, these started to be known as antimacassars. They were also installed in theatres, from 1865.

Ultimate furniture arm protectors If you have an upholsterer armchair or sofa, you know that the arms are passionate to a remote range of adverse conditions. Baring this in mind, it is safe to say that the very first stains usually happen at the arms, especially if you have people, pets or full house guests. For your protection custom arm covers are the perfect solution to hide unsightly stains, tears and scratches. Ergonomically designed and contoured to your specific furniture coin, Custom Arm Cover Protectors dress the front of the arm from tip of the strength to the top of seat cushion, and from tip of the arm to the back of furniture. Choose a furniture slipcover and matching weapon conceal coverlets in the same course texture for a seamless look. Prevent and Conceal Damage Slipcovers for couches help keep the dirt and dirt at bay, protecting and renewing the front of your active area. However, couch and sofa chair arms are widely more prone to suffering spills and rough-housing than the rest of the part. If your squab’s arms get intently worn and riven by guests, kids, or duck, you may find that arm covers are a simple and attractive solution. Of course arm slipcovers for couches can be used to preclude harm, but they can also assist you in covering up already existing damage.

They came to have perfected patterns, often in matching sets for the various entry of parlour furniture; they were either made at home using a variety of techniques such as crochet or tatting, or purchased. The original antimacassars were usually made of stiff white crochet-toil, but in the third quarter of the 19th century they became simpler and softer, usually fabric embroidered with a simple pattern in wool or silk. Annie Chapman, the second canonical victim of Jack the Ripper, was said to have made antimacassars for a living shortly before she was murdered.

How do you keep your sofa's arms clean? Throw the arm screen in the wash! Order your sofa arm covers from today! Armrest covers are the ultimate gears made to protect the arms of your sofa. From tiny escape ups resembling blot or your evil cat, this is an choice form of shield for your squab. Comfort Works companion armrest covers of variable sizes, depending on the sign of armrest your sofa has. These arm protectors come in all of our fabrics except the leather (Modena and Urbanskin).

An antimacassar /ˌæntɪməˈkæsər/ is a small cloth placed over the backs or arms of chairs, or the head or Seat of a sofa, to prevent soiling of the immovable texture. The name also refers to the cloth flap 'collar' on a seaman's shirt or top, used to keep macassar oil off the uniform.