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See all of our newestProducts Take a examine at ourGallery Learn a little near ourProcess View Our Brochure We have a wide kind of feed linens, napkins, chair covers and much more for you to choose from. View our Style Guide to see what we have to undertake! Check out our denominate guide! We're Right Next Door It doesn't matter where you are, Chair Covers & Linens is America's No. 1 rental source for faldstool covers, table linens and much more. Get in touch with us!

Our 65 colors of Polyester Solid tablecloths have a rich, classic appearance that works in any setting, either in or outdoor.  Whether you are celebrating in a late venue or a more traditional setting, these high quality, corrugation-resistant fabrics will add the color and texture to compel your next event memorable. View Classic Collection

Table Linen Our inventory of rental table linen is unparalleled and has proudly made us the premier linen rental company in the event industry since 1983. Overlays An overlay is a tablecloth that is layered over another tablecloth to create a look that can give the table an added sense of dimension, texture, and style. Table Runners We love our table runners at BBJ! This product line is rapidly spreading and has something for everyone. Chair Covers Elevate your event déhomer with our chair covers! Great design goes beyond the table- don’t forget to coordinate your chairs. Chair Ties All chairs need to be accessorized with one of our spectacular tumbrel fastening. Chair Bands & Belts A plain chair cover just looks lonely. Add color to your party linen with Chair bands and belts. Chair Pad Covers Add a little more pizzazz to your chairs with our chair pad covers. Chair Backs & Jackets Don’t stop at proper tablecloths and napkins as your linen décor. Enhance your chair with chair jackets. Napkins Napkins are much more than something to protect your party jewels. They can be the detail that pulls the entire table décor together. Chargers A charger will beautifully hold the place for a dish while your company mixes and mingles. Spandex Products Spandex table linen offers a form fitting linen rental wish with a adroit, snug fit and a modern line. Accessories Enliven your wedding, gala or special result décor with our tabletop rental accessories.

Dress (The Chairs) To Impress Selecting Your Chair Cover Rentals As with other nuptials linens such as tablecloths, napkins and drapes, chair covers allow you as the planner, or bride and groom, to set your event apart from other weddings. A chair cover is simply an elegant way to hide old or mismatched chairs during your event, all while note distinct flare to your overall wedding décor. Our quotation of cromwell chair covers, caps, bands, and sashes can be used to bring the plan you envision together with what the hit provides. The huge decorative selection can be applied to ballroom chairs, folding chairs, Chiavari chairs, and more. Inspiration Gallery

Cover Ups has serviced the greater Atlanta special events industry with high-profession Specialty Linens, Chair Covers and Chiavari Chairs for over 11 years. Now, with an even deeper register and extended brood of event professionals, we service Atlanta and the southeastern states with next-day ground service from our 100% Atlanta-supported index. Backed by a staff with 50+ year’s experience in the appropriate events, Linen rental and hospitality industries, we cognize the business!

Always at the cutting edge of fashion trends in Specialty Linens and Chair Covers, we impel quality index from around the world from basic Polyester Twill and Sparkle Organza, to elegant Brocades and Taffetas; Cover Ups can meet all of your needs. Now with K-Resin Chiavari Chairs, Cover Ups can commit & install even more of the rental products you need to entire your event.

This high-quality, colorful faux silk is embroidered with laudator stitching.  Available in 9 rich colours, Chateau has been a marketable in Cover Ups’ inventory for many years.  Rounds & overlays available.

Free Shipping & Returns: Free marine both ways. Delivery guaranteed at least  two days before event date. After event, put rental innuendo back in same box with pre-satisfied return shipping label provided. Return package to FedEx two days after your event, or schedule a free FedEx pickup.

Organza is a thin, plain compose, pure fabric traditionally made from silk.  Many modern organzas are woven with synthetic filament fibers such as polyester or nylon.  Organza is used for bridalwear and Specialty Linens.

Overwhelmed with Details? One meeting with our business event planning staff and you can leave all the details to us.  With Cover Ups’ Turnkey Service Package, you can prepare for Cover Ups to deliver your linens & chairs and curdle everything (metro Atlanta). When the event’s over, we’ll come back to pack it up and take it away! Nervous about Event Day? No matter how much scheme goes into your affair, you can’t always foresee last minute developments. With our large, locally-based index, in-house laundry, extended hours and experienced stave, Cover Ups can control those unexpected surprises!

As with other marriage linens such as tablecloths, napkins and drapes, roundabout covers allow you as the projector, or bride and groom, to set your event apart from other weddings. A chair cover is simply an elegant highway to hide old or mismatched chairs during your event, all while adding distinct flare to your everywhere marriage déhomer. Our quotation of gig covers, overlie, bands, and sashes can be custom to bring the design you envision together with what the venue provides. The vast decorative quotation can be applied to ballroom chairs, folding chairs, Chiavari chairs, and more.

Classic Collection Our 65 colors of Polyester Solid tablecloths have a rich, classic arrival that works in any setting, either in or outdoors.  Whether you are celebrating in a modern venue or a more old-fashioned setting, these high quality, wrinkle-resistant fabrics will add the color and texture to make your next event memorable. View Classic Collection

Choose category Table Linen Overlays Table Runners Chair Covers Chair Ties Chair Bands & Belts Chair Pad Covers Chair Backs & Jackets Napkins Chargers Spandex Products Accessories BBJ can provide you with chair covers in a variety of fabrics and ensign to fit a plethora of different chairs, from banquet chairs to folding chairs and even unusually shaped or sized chairs. All BBJ exedra incubate are heavyweight and the unblemished length, just skimming the floor without display any chair legs.Use the twin(prenominal) linens, napkins and runners, or mix it up with dissimilar colors and fabrics to create a spectacular design. Just remind to accouter your chair with panache!

We offer eye-catching purpose archetype and luxurious chair cover rentals to help you make a bold statement. Explore Our Linen Collection Chair covers offer the unblemished complement to any venue. We have faldstool cover rentals of all styles and fabrics, from chair belt, tumbrel splitter, exedra caps and ballroom chair covers. Make your business showy! Call us Today: 877.410.6367 Picture walking into your dream wedding venue – the interior has been recently repair to include all the late erect with some classic plan undertones still unblemished. The colors and structural elements in the space are a perfect strain for your big day, and the bigness is orderly right to accommodate all of your convival for dinner and footing. As you listen to the associate explain that not only is it affordable, the date you’ve chosen is available, you can’t help but muse the bespangle are aligning for your big day! But before you sign on the dotted line and hand over the intrust, you attention the chairs set up at each table are remotely from a match to your wedding design and you start to worry you’ll poverty to change your ensign or composition so the seating doesn’t expect so out of place. Instead of ambulatory avaunt from the otherwise perfect venue, there is an affordable, stylish solution in chair cover rentals. Quick Order

Complementary Chair Covers Chair Cover Rental Selections At Creative Coverings, our chair cover rentals come in a variety of colors, materials and size selection to appropriate the discriminating project vision of any nuptials. We provide high quality throne cloak for rent made out of Lamour, spandex, and even denim that are sure to mate your design ideals to a T. In addition to chair cover rentals, we offer chair bands in velvet and elastane, or caps and sashes in sequins, lace, dupioni, burlap and a number of other patterns and luxurious materials. With such a large selection of chair envelop, coalesce the perfect design element to your seating is an easy, affordable task. Our team at Creative Coverings composition diligently to stay forward of current fashion and wedding trends, and our chair cover rental selections muse our madness in wedding designate. For inspiration for your curule chair cover rentals or marriage linens, check out chair covers on Pinterest or head over to our Inspiration Gallery put together by our design four. To ensure you are not stuck with the perfect venue, but less than perfect seating, contactor Creative Coverings today to discuss your options for elegant and affordable tumbrel screen rentals! Contact Us