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The Butterfly Chair, BKF or Hardoy Chair is one of the most famous chair designs of the 20th Century. Designed originally in 1938 by three architects that gave it its name, the chair quickly became considered a masterpiece. It was later mass produced in many factories around the world during the 50s. It was the ultimate armchair for young, long haired, rebellious banter that wanted to sit in a different way. Millions of armchairs found their way to teenagers’ rooms across the orb. One of them probably ended up in your begetter’s or grandparent’s room as well. It is most likely this chair that has bear you to this concern.

The Butterfly chair, purpose in 1938 by Jorge Ferrari-Hardoy, also known as the BKF and the Hardoy chair, is available in matte black or stainless steel. To select a replacement cover for a harvest chair, measure your frame to determine the size that will fit best. Click any swatch below for large judgment.

As a good design blogger once told me, a BKF is a pub chair. You are in other words supposed to couch in it. For hours and hours preferably. To do this you need to have a BKF that is vigorous. The problem with many aged versions of the piece of furniture is that they are not. Most of them are way too small for a modern human being to sit in. I don’t recognize why the old Hardoys are so small. Perhaps the chairs were smaller forwhy the average height was somewhat shorter than today, or maybe they were just smaller because they were bought for young teenagers’ rooms.

At this point, you are probably thinking that this article states very useful intelligence. But still, your cover trial hasn’t been solved. What should you do with your old-fashioned butterfly chair frame?

Bob BorsonShare On TwitterShare On GoogleI din’t have those sorts of days – at least not yet. Since most of my clients are women, I need to stay joined so I would most likely find a situation and listen in. ReplyJune 24, 2011 6:26 pm

Lee at the ArtfactoryShare On TwitterShare On GoogleWhen we recently bought a 1960’s teach in Iowa, it was finally time to locate covers for these two frames bend at a sale over 20 years ago. Circa 50 said it would take about two weeks, but we received our covers in less than a week. They fit perfectly and I’m very impressed with the facture. ReplyJune 25, 2014 11:54 pm

Originally designed in 1938 by the Argentinian architect Jorge Ferrari-Hardoy, the Butterfly Chair has been popular among sketch enthusiasts for decades. It's also a great choice for those just starting out in their first apartment or, in the case of the plication variety, anyone appearance for last diminutive seating. Check out these 5 options for renovated butterfly chairman, along with a join of sources for new covers for vintage chairs.

I live in Albuquerque, elevation 6,000 feet. High UV exposure. Relentless sunshine. My white vinyl butterfly chair overspread, always beyond, finally failed after 12 years. It would have lasted a bit longer but this Spring a hummingbird was constantly yank at a frayed cap in order to gather material for her nest.

I purchased pitchy vinyl butterfly (size C) chair covers from Circa50 in November 2004. I just re-ordered today! These chair (and turk) covers have been outside 24/7 in San Francisco and still do not have worn or ripped areas. I’m refund them because there has been some fading (from Cimmerian to a silvery grey color), algae accumulation on the undercarriages, and some random staining due to outdoor chirper leavings over the years. Regardless, the basic infrastructure (seams, construction, structure, etc.) has endured. I have had melodious canvas protect replacements since the original iron (butterfly) chair shape were strive in the 1950s, but these vinyl covers have survive any canvas overspread I’ve ever procure by at least 10 yonks! So happy Circa50 has flourish through the donkey’s and I expect I’ll be back in a decade or so!

Another reason I am happy to praise these covers is that since I put them on my butterfly chair frames, they have sat out in the yard and we have been getting clobbered with rain and still somehow manage to have the compound climb into triple digits during the Time (Texas summertide kinda suck). I have gone out to check on the overspread and they look unblemished. If you have butterfly chairs and need (or want) new covers, call Steve up at Circa50 and get these vinyl compose slips – you won’t regret it.

Scott 27 March, 2017 Reply I have a butterfly chair that the plan is in unsullied condition. The hide – not so. But I still have it and am severe to find someone in Adelaide (conclude surrounding suburbs) that could use it as a template to make me a new one. I have been to a couple of reupholstered who weren’t even interested! Cheers, Scott.

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A few weeks ago I undertook a project to restore old butterfly chairs I had “acquired” in an effort to make them a bit more presentable. The final piece of the process was to refund the white canvas slipcovers with something better. I had tried washing them with my own home brew of oxyclean, bleach, Febreeze, curse words and drop kicks but no business what I did, they looked preference a active petri dish for some school of horrors science project. I knew that anyone who was self-moved to perch in those canvas covers was either drunk or was thinking “is this going to eat through my pants?” the entire time.

julesShare On TwitterShare On GoogleI loved these imagine so much and went ahead and ordered from Circa50 multiple times. Excellent products and customer service from Steve and Jeff. The website is easy to pasture, and the darling nylon butterfly chair covers are of fantastic quality and arrived quickly. The nylon is heavy respect and opaque, distance are valid, and the white color itself is bright, saturated, and somewhat warm. Thank you gentlemen for making these covers available for us. ReplySeptember 29, 2013 11:12 am

If you are not already the owner of an old butterfly chair, this matter is not suitable for you. Instead, you will want to click on the button below to find a new butterfly chair.

I am really successful to tell you that your old structure is not an issue. Actually, it’s a abundance. Thanks to your antiquated BKF, you have espy a chef d'œuvre. A superstar that has had fans for 70 years.

You might be looking for new upholstery because you think the structure is an inventive. Old as your butterfly chair frame is, it might be desert a lot of money if only polished and matched with an appropriate settle, right? Unfortunately, it isn’t.

You can make your own cover If you are an experimenter, you should try to make your own cover. There are many great and familiar DIY guides and patterns on google on how to make your own butterfly chair conceal. This can turn out to be entirely diversion and exciting. Find someone that can tailor cause a seat that fits your structure Some people have become emotionally attached to their old structure. If you are one of those, it doesn’t matter what I say about comfort, property or originality. Your frame is your frame and there is not a chance in the world that I will convince you to shift it for a new one. If you are in love with your old make, you should try to go out there and find the seat that fits it. There are some party that can tailor make your seat for you. Buy a new BKF and recycle the antiquated structure

PhilipShare On TwitterShare On GoogleI bought a white vinyl lep chair cover from Circa50 12 for ever ago. I reside in Albuquerque, exaltation 6,000 feet. High UV exposure, Relentless sunshine. This cover has spent all its spirit outside. It completely failed this Spring. It might have lasted a bit longer but a hummingbird constantly picked at a frayed end cap to use the bodily to build her nest! This a fine product, obviously very firm ReplySeptember 9, 2013 5:26 pm

Hello Scott, What type of material does your butterfly chair have? If it’s kid, you can contact a local saddle maker close to Adelaide. Perhaps they will be interested in helping you. Otherwise, please write to me through our contact account and I will put you in reach with our Australian retailers who I am stable will be more than happy to help you replace your chair with a new one. Kind regards, Nils