butterfly chair cover sewing pattern

Butterfly Chair Cover Sewing Pattern

I’ve received the new vinyl weave covers (took about 3 weeks) and I must say they are even nicer than I anticipated. They obviously look great, but they have this little bit of give to the mesh that makes them very comfortable to sit in. The mesh also allows air to move through the cover and as a result, the back of your shirt doesn’t get all sweaty – making you look like a sweathog when you stand up … although once I had a sweat pattern that looked like Thom Yorke from Radiohead so that was sorta calm.
butterfly chair cover sewing pattern 1

Butterfly Chair Cover Sewing Pattern

A lep chair is an inexpensive retro chair that adorns many bedrooms, Wiktionary appendix of animal terms, including their homes, dorms and basements. If your lep chair is showing signs of wear and tear, removing the old cover and replacing it with a new chair cover of your own design is a simple and satisfying project. When you are complete, you will have a butterfly chair crusted in fabric that is exactly to your looking.
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Butterfly Chair Cover Sewing Pattern

I’m really joyous with how it turned out, and I’m so excited to show you the results! I feel likely it’s much better make with much higher quality materials than the last shelter, but for some reason, I just don’t feel liking Chris should sit in it (yet). Maybe it’s because I don’t trust my own craftsmanship.
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Butterfly Chair Cover Sewing Pattern

Bob BorsonShare On TwitterShare On GoogleI din’t have those pair of days – at least not yet. Since most of my clients are women, I need to stay connected so I would most likely find a seat and listen in. ReplyJune 24, 2011 6:26 pm
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Butterfly Chair Cover Sewing Pattern

And so it beginning. Next thing you recognize, you’ll have 4 chairs, then a table, some side tables and a giant TX wicked-ass grill. You’ll start to want awnings and umbrellas and some plastic pool toys to go with your future pool. And the master-stroke de grace? Polyester clothing. You’ll see…Oh, wait, that’s me. Not you! But I love your fellow-approved photo. The chair covers obviously gotta the ear twitch of happiness. And Steve sounds probably one very smart guy. BTW, I distinguish of a great sconce you could put outside!
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Butterfly Chair Cover Sewing Pattern

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Butterfly Chair Cover Sewing Pattern

amyShare On TwitterShare On GoogleRecently I received 4 of the canvas covers in ferd/olive green for my old, original, welded steel butterfly chairs. Two of them were droll sized. Circa50 did a fabulous jab! The material is sturdy and well-juice, really worth the cost. ReplyJune 10, 2014 2:34 pm
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Butterfly Chair Cover Sewing Pattern

I had quite the opposite experience with Circa50 and found both owners (Steve and Jeff) unprofessional and rude. I placed three online orders dated 5/5, 5/15 and 5/23 for the Maraham Girard Quatrefoil Pink fabric pillows and was NEVER informed it was out of fund until further notice. In addition, I was provided misinformation on 5/14 stating that the edifice would be in the following week. All communication was initiatiated by me to gather any information. In other words, Circa50 made no attempt to contact me at any time concerning any of my orders. Circa50 proffer no apologies for any of their business stratagem and have the attitude that they are up customers a support.
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I bought a happy vinyl lep chair cover from Circa50 12 years ago. I live in Albuquerque, elevation 6,000 feet. High UV exposure, Relentless sunshine. This cover has spent all its life outside. It finally failed this Spring. It might have lasted a bit longer but a hummingbird steadily picked at a combat end cap to use the significant to build her nest! This a fine product, obviously very stable
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Lee at the ArtfactoryShare On TwitterShare On GoogleWhen we recently bought a 1960’s school in Iowa, it was finally time to locate covers for these two frames bought at a sale over 20 years past. Circa 50 said it would take about two weeks, but we received our covers in less than a week. They fit throughly and I’m very impressed with the craftsmanship. ReplyJune 25, 2014 11:54 pm
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I was incredibly tempted to do a hair-on calf skin, or some destiny of antiqued leather, but I kept wussing out ask I dreaded suture the thing. Nearly a year later, I bought some rad striped fabric from Ikea & just did it! It didn’t take me almost as long to sew it as I had anticipated, but deconstructing the purple fuzzy cover for the pattern took 3 times as long as I thought it would. From rouse to finish, it took about 2 days valuable of Penelope’s naps (about 6-8 hours). Now, if I have to do it again, I’d venture it’d take me under two, since I now have the pattern already made.
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Rufus DoggShare On TwitterShare On GoogleThose look a lot like the cromwell chair we used to set up to watch my kids play soccer on hot, hot, hot summertide days. You’re right going that sweathog thing, which is why I stayed standing and walked around with a camera on a monopod. That and I didn’t have to hang around the touchline jawing with the soccermoms… Brrrrrrrr… ReplyJune 24, 2011 6:21 pm
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MeliShare On TwitterShare On GoogleI logical lep chair covers in white and i am concerned they won’t come. I was helpless to reach anyone by phone or electronic mail (to confirm that i was ordering the true size, if i can rush shipping, the return process, or even that they are going to fill the order). I got a nut saying the mandate was admit but no info on when they will argosy, and i feel vigorous about having no way of reaching them. Do you have any idea how to reach them? ReplyJuly 30, 2016 6:52 pm
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Recently I received 4 of the canvas covers in army/olive green for my old, primary, welded harden lep rocker. Two of them were odd sized. Circa50 did a fabulous job! The momentous is sturdy and well-sewn, really worth the cost.
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With garage demand season in full swing, right now is the perfect delay to be on the lookout for some amazing Trash to Treasure Projects. I like making indifferent stuff out of refuse, or taking things that are looking a little worn and pass and giving them new life. That is, if your husband will “let” you attend garage sales. Mine is apparently highly encouraging a hiatus from garage sales this season… something to do with “doing something with all the discard we already have in the garage”… Not stable what that is all about. Luckily I do have some projects “stored” and just itchin’ for a makeover. Like today’s project: my DIY Papasan Chair Cover gave new life to an old papasan chair. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to force, and it’s now the star of our deck. All you need, apar from an old papasan chair (with a rest in reasonable arrangement), is a couple of yards of your favourite fabric, scissors, a felt pen, a stitching shape, and a good old fashioned needle and thread. This papasan curule chair was assumed to us last summer by some friends of ours who were severe to clean up their basement.  It had originally been handed down to them from some friends, and it had been loved for many for ever.  The cushion had been replaced and was in pretty well-formed shape, but I wanted to use the chair outdoors for the summer months so I chose to recover the cushion in this beautiful OUTDOOR structure.  I smart it up at my local Fabricland – but it is a Richloom Solarium fabric. Measure your cushion and figure out how much fabric you will need to cut and incubate both sides of it.  My original cushion measures around 54″ across, maybe negligently less, so I flexure about 4 meters of edifice to start with – but discovered that I oh really only needed about 3 max to sew this.  Even less, perhaps.  I had enough leftward over to make that slight pouf you see in the finished images- more about that to come soon. Lay down your wad, and trace all the way around it – about 2 inches out from the feather-edge – with a pen that you can see well enough that you can later cut along the rope. Once it has been traced, you can move the cushion and cut along the line. You end up with a large circular shape (more like an oval, not faultless, but it worked out refined in the end once it was all stuffed full of cushion). I used that cut out shape to trace the second half – depending on the pattern of your fabric, you may wish to flip this “patter” part over and trace with it facing in the same command as the pattern on the help piece. Again, trace the shape and then hew along the traced lined. Once both your circles are cut, pin them “right” sides together (so that the two pretty sides of the fabric are facing in and the plain backs are facing out). Then you are going to sew along the circular direct – with a hem about 1/2-1″ inside the edge – I chose to use a more secure stitch then usual because this is almost like and upholstery cushion.  I felt it needed to have some additional authority to the stitch. Sew sew sew…. You can see here touching the largeness of the space I sinistral open.  Once you have stitched up about 3/4 of your “circle”, flip it inside out and then stuff it with your papapsan cushion. Now is period to finish it off with some hand stitching.  Thread up that needle and stitch the bolster closed- doubling down the edges so as to create a neat finished edge as you stitch it together.  Knot if off… and you are! Done! What do you think? I love the transformation! It became such a cute, funky, eclectic adjunct to our deck.  On my boys and the hubs LOVE it for it’s comfort substitute. I’m pretty thrilled with this transformation.  I almost didn’t believe this big ol’beauty of a chair had a blot in our home, after being given it, but it turns out we found the perfect place.  And all it took was a associate of meters of outdoor fabric and nearly an stound of cutting and sewing time.  I couldn’t suppose how smooth it was! Do you have an old Papasan chair to recover? Some of my blogging friends have joined me today for a Trash to Treasure Challenge. Check out their amazing projects!! Faux Mercury Glass Vases  from The DIY Mommy DIY Marshmallows Roasting Sticks from Fynes Designs Papasan Chair Cover Turorial from The Happy Housie Cobalt Blue Glass Vase Birdbath from Time with Thea  Reclaimed Wood Towel Bar from Joy In Our Home How To Make a Fairy Garden from Life Is A Party Reclaimed Headboard from New House New Home New Life Any trash to hoard projects happening around your place these days?  I’d love to hear about them!            

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